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Survey reveals healthcare leaders’ top priorities

A recent survey of healthcare executives says technology isn’t a top priority right now. But many of the challenges they report their organizations are facing could be tackled with smart use of health IT. 

Though some decision makers chose technology as a top priority, overall, it was ranked at number six, according to a recent survey of 1,000 executives and finance, physician and nursing leaders at healthcare organizations conducted by HealthLeaders Media.

When asked to name their top priorities over the upcoming three years, those respondents chose:

  1. Patient experience and satisfaction (ranked first, second or third by 59%)
  2. Clinical quality and safety (46%)
  3. Cost reduction and process improvement (44%)
  4. Improving reimbursement (37%)
  5. Physician-hospital alignment (30%)
  6. Technology (29%)
  7. Regulatory issues (13%)
  8. Revenue cycle (12%)
  9. Leadership and organizational development (10%)
  10. Marketing (8%)
  11. Capital (7%), and
  12. Service lines (7%).

Though technology didn’t earn a top spot, most of the items that ranked ahead of it can be significantly improved with health IT. Technology leaders in healthcare organizations can work with other decision makers to determine the organization’s priorities and figure out how IT can help.

To read more, download the survey results here.

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