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Survey: Hospitals are installing EHRs, but don’t know how they’ll pay for them

Electronic health record (EHR) systems bring a lot of benefits to hospitals, but they also require significant investments. And many organizations have doubts about how much funding they have available to install EHRs.

Though many hospitals are nearing completion of their EHR deployments, many are still concerned about the level of funding those projects are receiving, according to a recent survey by KPMG LLP.

Among the hospital and health system business leaders surveyed, 49% said their organizations are at least halfway finished an EHR implementation.

However, 48% also said they’re only somewhat comfortable with the level of funding their organization has available for the EHR project. Another 9% aren’t comfortable at all and 18% are unsure, while just 25% said they are very comfortable with their EHR project’s budget.

What resources are needed to complete an EHR project? Hospitals and providers must consider not only the costs of the software and the time required to install the system, but also additional costs related to EHR adoption, such as staff training, necessary hardware upgrades, and tech support.

It’s important to fully understand how much funding an EHR project will require — for many hospitals, it will be among the largest investments the organization has ever made, KPMG says. And for organizations to get the most out of that investment, they must have the resources available to complete the installation fully and use the system properly.

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