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New ‘super scrubs’ fight germs in hospitals

The debate rages on about whether scrubs carry germs in hospitals. Whether they contribute to the spread of hospital infections or not, the uniforms come into contact with deadly bacteria on a daily basis. To make sure these germs don’t spread to patients, some hospitals are using new scrubs that are proven to repel contaminants. 

According to a news releaserbmp_10, two hospitals in New York state, Cohen Children’s Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital, have just started using the new antimicrobial scrubs as part of their infection control efforts.

Both hospitals are a part of Northwell Health, a health system that’s the state’s largest healthcare provider.

Change for the better

The “super scrubs,” as they’re called, are made with a new fabric shown to repel fluids and germs, according to hospital-based research. The fabric is made by a company in Florida, and its use has been endorsed by the American Hospital Association.

Staff at Cohen Children’s Medical Center have been wearing the scrubs since the beginning of the year, starting with the hematology-oncology unit. Now, almost all clinical staff members are wearing the scrubs. At North Shore University Hospital, registered nurses and patient care advocates both wear the scrubs while performing their daily duties.

Per the news release, feedback from staff at both hospitals has been positive. Ongoing communication with doctors and nurses was key to implementing the new garments as uniforms. Overall, staff have said that the uniforms not only protect patients from germs, but they also limit clinicians’ exposure to deadly bacteria.

North Shore University Hospital already has an extensive infection control program. Along with the new scrubs, other measures it takes to stop the spread of germs behind hospital walls include installing video cameras in the intensive care unit to monitor hand-washing efforts and using cleanable hospital curtains.

Northwell Health plans to expand these super scrubs to some of its other healthcare facilities in the state to bolster their infection control programs as well.

Useful for hospitals

With all the publicity surrounding infection control in recent years, using scrubs made from antimicrobial fabric may be an excellent choice for your hospital’s clinical staff. They’d be easier for staff to keep clean, since they don’t absorb fluids. And any germs that do come in contact with the scrubs are quickly killed.

Implementing the use of these scrubs, along with other innovations like replacing standard fixtures with copper equipment and using germ-killing paint, can be a small step toward lowering the rates of hospital-acquired infections in your facility and improving patient outcomes.

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