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Study: Telehealth cuts healthcare costs, mortality rates

One way doctors are achieving better results with healthcare IT: using telehealth technology to connect with patients while they’re home. 

A recent study looked at the impact of the Health Buddy program, an integrated telehealth and care management program provided by Bosch Healthcare, for patients at two facilities in Oregon.

The Buddy System lets doctors remotely track vital signs and symptom changes while also delivering guidelines and reminders to help improve patient self-management.

Researchers evaluated the healthcare spending of chronically ill Medicare recipients using the Health Buddy system over a two-year period compared to a control group. The results:

    1. Health Buddy participants reduced spending between 7.7% and 13.3%, or $312–$542 per patient per quarter, and
    2. Mortality rates were lower for Health Buddy patients than for the control group — however, mortality wasn’t the focus of the study, so the researchers note that further studies must be done to fully determine the impact.

Those results are in line with other recent research that shows telehealth programs have positive effects on healthcare costs and outcomes.

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