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Study: Providers want health information exchanges, but lack budgets to deploy them

Health executives see the value in health information exchanges (HIEs) for improving care and streamlining operations, but their organizations are concerned about having the budget to develop them, according to a recent survey. 

Opinions about the benefits of those exchanges are positive, as 70% of healthcare providers are currently planning for an HIE, according to a recent survey from healthcare management consulting firm Beacon Partners.

Respondents cited regulatory changes promoting the use of HIEs, improvements in patient care and safety, and easier access to data as the main reasons they’re planning to implement exchanges.

However, many aren’t very far in the planning process, with half of the 200 CIOs and other hospital executives surveyed saying their organization has yet to designate a department or individual to be in charge of the project.

Providers also report several concerns over their HIE plans, including high start-up costs and limited budgets, cited by 41% of respondents. Other top worries include a lack of the IT infrastructure required to support an HIE, trouble getting doctors aligned and concerns over meeting regulatory requirements.

Still, 67% percent of respondents agreed implementing an HIE will be a positive move for their organization. Hospitals believe health information exchanges will lead to improvements in areas such as:

  1. Primary care connectivity (will be positively impacted by an HIE, according to 88% of respondents)
  2. Continuum of care transitions (84%)
  3. Clinical quality reporting (74%)
  4. Patient accessibility (67%)
  5. Interoperability of IT systems (66%), and
  6. Medical staff alignment efforts (59%).

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