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Stimulus spurs state and local spending on health tech

The latest research from Input indicates that major medical spending for IT will be coming from state and local governments — reaching the billions by 2014.

Current spending on electronic health record (EHR) projects is projected to be $850 million by the end of 2009 — swelling to $1.85 billion in 2014. That’s 17% annual growth — compared to just 4.6% for general technology spending over the same time frame.

Much of the money is coming from federal sources like the economic stimulus package and Medicaid supplemental budgets, as well as various state and local health agencies.

What’s all the money going to? According to the report, the bulk of the spending will be focused on products and services related to:

  • EHRs including software and systems
  • clinical data
  • patient tracking
  • health information exchange
  • telehealth services
  • disease outbreak management, and
  • pharmacy and lab.

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