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Siemens announces new iSan ear impression scanner

An improved version of Siemens Healthcare’s iScan ear impression scanner is set for release at the beginning of next month.

The update of the iScan, which was first launched in 2005, will be available in early November, Siemens announced at the 2011 International Hearing Aid Acoustician Conference on October 19.

The iScan allows acousticians to create digital, three-dimensional images of a patient’s inner ear and quickly send the results to hearing aid manufacturers.

The new scanner works faster and more efficiently than its predecessor, taking only one and a half to two minutes to record an impression. The new devices also makes it easier to send impressions to manufacturers, Siemens said in a press release.

In addition to improving the speed of order and receiving hearing aids, the iScan helps prevent errors by eliminating paperwork.

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