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Report: Health organizations need IT upgrades

Healthcare organizations are implementing a lot of valuable technology – but they don’t always have the IT infrastructure in place to help caregivers get the most out of those systems. 

That’s the word from a recent survey of 202 caregivers and 200 health IT professionals conducted by vendor CDW.

The survey found a lot of new IT activity in healthcare organizations — for example, 56% have deployed a new EHR system in the last 18 months, and another 48% have deployed a new computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system.

Doctors are happy with those initiatives, as 84% view health IT as valuable or invaluable, while 71% said they’d be able to less than half of their work as quickly or at the same level of quality if they got rid of those systems.

However, caregivers did point out some problems, particularly with newly installed health IT systems. For organizations that have installed one to three new systems in the past 18 months, just 20% said those new systems are faster than older ones. And for those with four to six new systems, that number drops to 9%.

Also, 54% said the IT systems they rely on to care for patients are reliable, but occasionally slow. Another 14% said they’re often slow.

One problem, according to CDW, could be that organizations are installing new health IT products without always making needed upgrades to the IT infrastructure. For example:

  1. Just 4% of organizations that have installed EHR systems have added storage capacity
  2. Just 11% of organizations that have installed EHR systems have added new security capabilities, and
  3. Just 10% of organizations that have begun allowing patients and visitors to access the network have added network capacity.

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