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Report: 33,000 people encountered killer toilets last year

There’s no dearth of unusual ways patients wind up in the emergency department. Last year, 33,000 of them got there due to toilet injuries.

According to the CDC, about 235,000 people visit the ER each year after a bathroom injury. Of those, 14% are toilet-related. The tub/shower is even more dangerous — it’s the cause of nearly two-thirds of bathroom injuries.

But what kind of injury is suffered can vary greatly based on demographics. Among the reports findings:

  • More than half of injuries among people over 85 were caused on or around the toilet.
  • Women’s injury rate was 72% higher than men’s. Researchers speculated that part of the discrepancy may be due to men being less likely to seek treatment.
  • Getting out of the tub, is far more dangerous than getting into it. Ten percent of injuries were caused by exiting the tub, but only 2.2% happened while the patient was trying to get in.

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