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Remote video auditing in OR improves efficiency and patient safety

Think how much you could strengthen patient safety at your hospital if remote video auditing (RVA) was used in all the surgical suites. Well, one health system is already doing it. 

87773990The North Shore-LIJ Health System is putting cameras in its operating rooms (ORs) at Forest Hills Hospital in New York.

The OR system will be expanding on a first-of-its-kind video monitoring system, which was used successfully to measure hand-washing compliance at North Shore University Hospital (NSUH) in Manhasset, NY,  in the medical and surgical intensive care units.

A study on the hand washing monitoring was published in 2011 in Clinical Infectious Diseases Medical Journal (Using High-Technology to Enforce Low-Technology Safety Measures: The Use of Third-party Remote Video Auditing (RVA) and Real-time Feedback in Healthcare). The study detailed how the use of RVA systems at NSUH rapidly improved and sustained hand hygiene rates to nearly 90% in less than four weeks.

Improves patient safety

Due to its success, the new pilot program is now providing hospitals with real-time feedback in their ORs, and it’s the first time on record that RVA has been used in a surgical setting in the U.S. The key: It strengthens patient safety by ensuring surgical teams take the time before a procedure begins to check everything is correct, which helps prevent wrong-site surgeries.

In addition, RVA also helps hospitals be more efficient by alerting cleaning crews when a surgery is almost done and the pre-op room is ready for another patient. It keeps operations moving along without delays in between patient, but without the rushing which causes mistakes.

The cameras also monitor and confirm if the ORs are being cleaned properly and thoroughly in between patients and overnight.

Expanding program’s successs

Even though the program was started only a few months ago — March 2013 — it’s already expanding. It started off with eight ORs at at North Shore-LIJ’s Forest Hills Hospital.

“The initial focus at Forest Hills has been on monitoring for surgical timeout compliance, and within just one week of receiving real-time performance feedback, our operating room teams achieved nearly perfect scores,” said Rita Merceica, RN, the hospital’s executive director, told Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare (PSQH).

Due to the program’s success, the monitoring system now is being installed in more than 20 ORs at another North Shore-LIJ hospital.

“We are very excited to bring this important innovation to additional surgical suites,” Dr. John DiCapua, chair of anesthesiology at North Shore-LIJ, told PSQH. “We believe that third-party RVA can provide our hospitals with strong, sustainable tools to improve patient safety and perioperative efficiencies.”

The pilot projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2013 — at which point the involved parties plan on submitting an academic study for publication in 2014.

The program was designed and implemented by North Shore-LIJ’s anesthesiology provider, North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA), in partnership with Mount Kisco, NY-based Arrowsight, Inc., a developer and third-party provider of RVA services and software.





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