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Survey: Many providers missing out on EHR incentives

Although more providers are adopting electronic health records, a new survey shows many are missing out on incentive payments because they don’t have plans in place to meet meaningful use requirements. 

Many providers using electronic health records are eligible to participate in the incentive program but haven’t taken the steps to get those payments, according to a recent survey conducted by consulting firm IVANS.

While nearly half (42%) of the 700 health care providers currently use EHRs, 39% of them don’t yet have plans to meet the first stage of meaningful use requirements to become eligible for incentives.

Of those without plans, there’s a large chunk (44%) that aren’t eligible for the incentive program, including home and long-term care providers and hospices. But that still leaves more than half that are eligible but aren’t taking steps to meet meaningful use requirements.

For those providers, the biggest obstacles to planning for meaningful use were:

  1. budget issues (31%), and
  2. constantly changing technology requirements (21%).

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