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Prediction: Health reform to pass before end of year

Experts predict that President Obama will sign some form of a health reform legislation before this year is over. What’s still up for debate: What that law will — and should — contain.

That consensus was reached during a panel discussion at Politics magazine’s 2nd annual Health Policy Summit. The panel included lawmakers from both sides of the aisle as well as industry experts.

While the panelists agreed that some political action would be taken, they disagreed on exactly what form the final bill would look like. Among the items on their wish list:

  • Improving funding for health initiatives
  • Providing insurance for those not currently covered or who have pre-existing conditions
  • Strengthening public health programs, and
  • Giving pharmacists a larger role in patient care such as aiding in medication management.

What do you think: Will health care reform pass this year? And if so, what should the final bill look like? Sound off in the comments.

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