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Police: Hospital employee murdered by co-worker

A hospital supervisor was robbed and stabbed more than 70 times by one of his employees, according to police. The suspect’s violent past wasn’t uncovered during his pre-employment checks.

Roosevelt Brockington, Jr., a supervisor at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, was found dead in the hospital boiler room on New Year’s Day. One of the employees he supervised, Keith Little, has been charged with first-degree murder.

According to police, Brockington was on the phone with a friend at the time of the killing. The friend heard someone come in and demand money from Brockington, followed by the question, “Do you have any more?” and then a commotion before the line went dead.

Another employee directed police to Little, a hospital engineer, after he was seen carrying a bucket with a ski mask and gloves soaking in an unidentified liquid. Little was also caught on tape hiding the ski mask and gloves in a trash can in the boiler room.

In the weeks prior to the attack, Brockington had given Little a negative performance review, which may have provided at least some of the motive for the attack.

Background check failed to flag potential problem

According to the hospital, it ran a standard background check on Little prior to hiring him, and also asks all applicants to disclose any pending charges or prior convictions they have, with an assurance that prior history is not necessarily a barrier to employment. Each person’s history is reviewed with an eye to the type of crime, how long ago it happened, etc.

While no charges or convictions turned up in Little’s background check, public records show he was charged with second-degree murder in 2003, but found not guilty at trial. Little also served six years in prison on several charges of assault and obstruction of justice related to a 1984 incident.

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