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Health IT helps Philadelphia hospitals lower readmission rates

In addition to giving doctors easier access to patient data, electronic health record systems contain many features that can improve care and save hospitals money. Here’s one study that identified how hospitals can use health IT to lower readmission rates.

Twenty-two Philadelphia-area hospitals participated in the Preventing Avoidable Episodes (PAVE) Project conducted by the Health Care Improvement Foundation.

The hospitals were evaluated over an 18-month period to measure their progress in various categories as they implemented new health IT tools and care strategies.

One area in which the project succeeded: The hospitals that reported data saw a 7% reduction in their 30-day same-hospital readmission rates, InformationWeek reports.

The hospitals achieved those results by using EHRs and other health IT tools to implement new strategies, such as:

  1. Screening patients to identity those who are at a high risk of readmission
  2. Generating a discharge plan to give to exiting patients, including information such as steps the patient must take, schedules for follow-up appointments and testing, and contact numbers patients can use when they have questions, and
  3. Sending discharge summaries and other information to patients’ primary care physicians.

To read more about the PAVE Project, visit the Health Care Improvement Foundation’s website here.

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