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Patients eager for health IT advancements

More patients are getting excited about the benefits of new medical technology – which means providers have more opportunity to get the most out of their health IT investments.

Patients are increasingly interested in new health technologies, particularly tools that help them remotely connect with their doctors, according to a new survey from the Consumer Electronics Association.

Among the patients surveyed:

  1. 36% said they want to be able to send information to their doctor wirelessly
  2. 33% want to manage their health records online, and
  3. 32% want to have telehealth visits with their doctor.

The patients also expressed interest in specific remote monitoring devices, such as weight scales (44%), vital sign meters and gauges (40%), and tools for monitoring progress in a fitness plan (37%).

Many people are also downloading their own health-related apps for smartphones and other mobile devices, including:

  1. nutrition trackers (51%)
  2. apps that measure workout regimens (36%), and
  3. customized music apps for exercise (32%).

The more patients are on-board with medical technology, the more effectively it’s used, so increasing patients’ interest in health IT is key for practices to get the maximum value from their investments.

One way to boost that interest is to have doctors discuss medical technology with patients, as half of the survey respondents said they consult their doctors for information on medical technology.

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