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Nurse steals drugs right out of patient IV bags

A fake nursing student — but actual nurse — was discovered siphoning narcotics from patients’ IV bags.

An unidentified woman was arrested at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota earlier in the week, after allegedly using a syringe to take morphine out of at least three different patient’s IVs.

She caught security’s attention after claiming to be a nursing student — on a day no students were scheduled to be at the hospital. The woman is a licensed nurse, but does not work at Mercy.

She was arrested and released without charges, pending further investigation. Hospital officials said no patients were harmed.

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  1. Let’s hope she was using a CLEAN syringe and not giving unsuspecting patient’s HBV, HCV or HIV.
    These people are low and dishonest and should be prosecuted to the highest degree.