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Nurse caught sucking used Fentanyl patches — out of the medical waste bin


Who knew drug addiction could turn into an environmental crime? A Long Island, New York nurse faces six counts of unlawful release of medical waste. Prosecutors allege that Erick St. Louis, a licensed practical nurse, stole medical waste from behind the dumpsters of area nursing homes on multiple occasions.

St. Louis would allegedly take bags full of used blood vials, dirty syringes and other medical waste in order to look for used Fentanyl patches. Prosecutors said St. Louis gave a statement in which he described sucking the powerful pain relief patches “like an artichoke” to get high off the remaining residue.

Once finished foraging, St. Louis is accused of dumping the leftover medical waste in various locations, including several parks and a school playground.

No word yet on what other professional discipline St. Louis may face.

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