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New safety rules on the horizon for health care facilities

Don’t be surprised if the feds issue new rules regarding worker safety in health care settings.

Ergonomics are a hot issue at OSHA again. It’s too soon to say if the long-dead ergonomics standard will be revived. But the Obama administration has hinted that it’s likely to use existing safety rules to issue citations to companies and organizations that have ongoing ergonomics problems.

Keep in mind, ergonomics violations can range from improper workstation and exam room setups (computer monitors at the wrong level, too-high or too-low tables, etc.) to workers not having adequate training or help when lifting supplies or patients.

In a recent Web chat, OSHA’s  director indicated that industry-specific rules are one tool the agency is looking into — and he specifically mentioned health care facilities as a likely target.

We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

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