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More than 1 in 5 think health reform was repealed

Here’s more evidence the general public is confused about just where health reform stands. The most recent Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll found that 22% of Americans incorrectly believe the health reform bill was repealed. Another 26% weren’t sure about the current state of the law.

In short, nearly half of Americans have no idea what the current state of health reform is.

Whether or not they want health reform to move forward is somewhat more complicated. Of those polled, 40% said they backed repeal of the law — but of those, half wanted an alternative reform package. Roughly 30%  of respondents wanted to see reform expand, and 20% wanted to see reform implemented as the current law stands.

Even those not thrilled with the current reform law weren’t fans of efforts to defund the programs: Approximately 60% opposed the practice.

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