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More preventive care being offered in Emergency departments

A new survey confirms the vast majority of emergency departments are offering preventive services — whether or not they should is a matter of some debate.

A new survey, published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, found that 90% of ERs said they offer at least some preventive health services to patients. The survey asked about a range of services including screenings for alcohol or tobacco use, risk of geriatric falls, intimate partner violence, HIV, diabetes and hypertension, as well as vaccination programs for influenza and pneumococcus.

Researchers found that the most common service offered (by 66% of ERs) was screening for intimate partner violence. The least commonly offered service was HIV screening.

Directors of emergency services overwhelmingly (75%) supported offering some preventive health services in the ER — even as 74% said they were concerned about absorbing the increased costs of those services.

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