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McDonald’s as marathon training?

One man is on a quest to train for a marathon eating nothing by McDonald’s food for a month. Crazy? Or crazy like a fox? Joe D’Amico of Palantine, Illinois, is training for the Los Angeles Marathon on a steady diet of fries and burgers.

It’s not as much of a wacky stunt as it may appear to be at first. D’Amico is a serious marathoner, looking to beat his personal best of 2 hours, 36 minutes — an impressive 6 min/mile pace. He’s been eating three squares a day at McD’s since the beginning of March and plans to keep it up until race day. He told the Chicago Sun-Times that he just loves running and McDonalds and wanted to combine his two passions.

He said a typical day’s menu is hot cakes, an Egg McMuffin and orange juice for breakfast; a grilled chicken sandwich and large Coke for lunch; and a dinner of a hamburger, fries and cookies. He supplements those meals with only a multivitamin, additional water and an energy gel he eats while running. He noted that he never gets large or super-sized orders and doesn’t order certain menus items, such as the Big Mac.

D’Amico said his doctor is less than thrilled with the training plan, but he feels fine and thinks he can handle the caloric load due to his intensive training — running roughly 100 miles a week.

D’Amico claims to have no affiliation with the restaurant chain, but he is using the recent publicity to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House charity. Read his adventures and/or donate money here.

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