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Bizarre tale: Patient vomits two live lizards in hospital

People who work in hospital emergency rooms see some of the most bizarre things imaginable. But the odds are good that your hospital’s employees have never seen this.

A Nigerian man vomited two live lizards.

Edward Asuelimen, a businessman in Kubwa, a community on the outskirts of Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, woke up the morning of July 16 with severe stomach pain. The pain got bad very quickly: He woke up at 5:00 am, barely managed to take his children to school and could barely breath after stopping by a store to get something for the pain.

At that point, his wife, who was with him, convinced him to go to the hospital.

He was admitted at Unity Clinic and Maternity Home, and that’s when things got a little weird.

According to the Nigerian News, Asuelimen said, “The Holy Spirit pushed me to speaking in tongues … Afterward, I felt a strong urge to vomit and I did … When my wife tried to get something to clean my mouth and pack it, I saw a lizard crawling out from the vomit on the ground. The nurse that attended to me saw another one and wanted to kill it.”

Asuelimen’s first thought was that he was poisoned, but the pain immediately stopped after he vomited.

Dr. Stephen Nwaedozie, the medical director of the facility, found Asuelimen “writhing in pain” in his car and brought him into the hospital. After attending to him, Dr. Nwaedozie and his staff started praying for Asuelimen.

A short time later, nurses informed Dr. Nwaedozie that the patient had vomited lizards.

Dr. Nwaedozie told the Nigerian News, “I personally burnt the lizards and poured anointing oil on them and buried the carcasses. As soon as we did that, the man recovered from the stomach pain. He is a child of God and with faith he told them to bring him to my hospital and when he came here, God delivered him. So we praise God.”

Divine intervention or a bizarre medical mishap? Guess we’ll never know.

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