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Lighter side: Turns out hookers aren’t a medical expense

Holistic practices have their place in modern medicine, but you can’t expect the feds to reimburse every “nature-based” treatment a patient wants.

That’s the lesson recently learned by a tax attorney (no, really) who tried to deduct more than $108,000 in medical expenses on his taxes. The bulk of the funds were spent on prostitutes, porn, and magazines on sex therapy.

We’ll give him this: He kept good records, including the amounts paid, the date payment was made and the name of the “service provider.”

But the feds weren’t convinced that the “treatments” were for a medical condition, and a court agreed.

He’ll now have to pay not only the back taxes on the disallowed deductions, but another $4,200 in penalties.

Not much of a happy ending.

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  1. If hookers aren’t an eligible tax deductible then I don’t want to live in this world anymore! 🙂

  2. He used the wrong tax category.
    Hookers are a business expense, not a health treatment, and only then if you are a politician.