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Leapfrog releases list of top hospitals for 2011

The Leapfrog Group has announced its ranking of the top 65 hospitals in the U.S. for 2011. 

Leapfrog has been assessing hospital performance based on safety and quality standards since its official launch in 2000.

The Leapfrog Group’s top-hospital designation is based on quality-care measures, including:

  1. Prevention of medical errors
  2. Reduction of mortality rates for high-risk procedures, such as heart bypass surgery, and
  3. Reduction in hospital readmissions for patients treated for conditions like pneumonia and heart attacks.

The Leapfrog Hospital Survey’s standards include how patients fare, resources used to care for patients and management practices that promote safety and quality.

When compiling a list of top healthcare organizations, The Leapfrog Group is careful to look not only at affordability, but also the quality of care.

For survey results and a full listing of participating hospitals, view Leapfrog’s press release.

Leapfrog’s site lets you compare hospitals in your specific area based on overall patient safety ratings, as well as safety of particular procedures.

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