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Leadership rounds promote staff engagement

All hospital leaders need to see what’s happening at your facility. Leadership rounds are a way to not only keep up to date with what’s going on, but also interact with staff at all levels. Employees who see hospital leaders on a weekly basis may get more excited about working at your hospital. Plus, leadership rounds help drive home the point that everyone cares about how things are run. 

Setting a weekly time for leadership rounds with staff allows you to check in on the state of affairs at your hospital, according to FierceHealthcare. You can see what’s working and what isn’t, and get info directly from employees on how you can best support and encourage them.

3 keys to leadership rounds

Some major components of a successful leadership round include:

  • Staff huddles. Leaders should organize staff huddles, using them as an opportunity to talk to employees about what’s going on in their lives. Ask about their struggles and their triumphs at the hospital. This will boost engagement, and it may motivate staff members to be more open and honest about their mistakes, since they’ll feel a personal connection to leaders. Huddles also have the benefit of getting staff members more comfortable around each other and promoting a sense of community, which can improve retention rates and boost morale.
  • Protocol recaps. If there’s a safety issue that keeps cropping up at your hospital, provide a refresher to staff on how to handle it. These reminders can help emphasize the importance of patient safety and confirm that everyone’s on the same page.
  • Departmental feedback. Departments don’t exist in isolation from one another, so it’s important to provide an opportunity for in-depth conversations between staff from each section of the hospital. That way, organizational goals are at the front of everyone’s mind,  and the entire hospital can work together to achieve peak performance.

Leadership rounds show that from top to bottom, your organization is committed to patient safety and quality patient care, which can improve patient satisfaction. In addition, getting leaders from the C-suite to be more hands-on through leadership rounds can make everyone feel more valued and empowered to share their opinions – from staff to patients.

While it may seem hard to carve out time for leadership rounds due to busy days and packed schedules, taking a few hours every week to focus on the day-to-day operations of your facility and directly interact with staff can revitalize how hospital employees view not only leadership at your facility, but each other.

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