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Information security, online access will be factors in patients’ care decisions

A recent survey shows how IT can help hospitals attract new patients.

In light of the increasing use of health information exchanges and other electronic health IT systems, patients are becoming more concerned about the privacy of their health information.

In fact, many patients now say data privacy could be one of the factors that affects their decisions about which providers to use, according to a recent survey from the PwC Health Research Institute.

If cost, quality and access were equal among all their choices, 30% of the consumers surveyed by PwC said they’d choose one hospital over another if it had clearer privacy and security policies.

And enhancing security isn’t the only way IT departments can help their hospitals attract patients. Among the consumers surveyed:

  • 28% said they’d be more likely to choose a hospital that allowed them to consult with doctors online, if other factors were equal, and
  • 17% would be more likely to choose a hospital that uses electronic health records.

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