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Hospitals looking to fill new seats at executive roundtable

Who said it was lonely at the top? As pay-for-performance measures begin to impact the bottom line, there’s standing room only these days in hospital C-suites. 181654047

New positions are cropping up right and left at executive roundtables as hospitals are recruiting top-level execs to help them meet the demands of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to a FierceHealthcare special report.

Because federal payors and healthcare providers are tying payment and reimbursement to quality and satisfaction, recruiters are relying less on those with medical backgrounds and looking to hire outside the healthcare industry.

Leadership shift at the top

“Ten years ago, one of the key capabilities required of the c-suite was to understand the mindset of the practice,” Dr. Gene Lindsey, former President and CEO of Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and Atrius Health told

“They needed to keep the doctors happy . . . Now, we’re talking about physicians assuming a place on the management team, if not actually leading the team,” Dr. Lindsey said.  “… more and more organizations are looking outside healthcare for leaders with MBAs and experience in other industries because physicians have yet to make the transition from revenue generation to what’s being referred to as value-based purchasing in the healthcare industry.”

A Black Book Rankins poll found two-thirds of hospital CEOs hired in 2014 were non-industry hires.

New seats at the executive roundtable

Here are some of the C-suite positions hospitals are looking to fill:

  1. CXO (Chief Patient Experience Officer) — There are less than 100 CXO’s in the healthcare industry, but hospitals are actively recruiting for this position, according to Catalyst Healthcare Research.  A CXO is in charge of making every patient’s experience a positive one and boosting satisfaction scores.  It’s not surprising to learn hospitals are turning to the hospitality/hotel industry to recruit CXOs.
  • CPHOs (Chief Population Health Officer) — CPHOs are charged with overseeing the healthcare facility’s population health management strategy. This position is ideally filled by a business-saavy MD with experience in team-based care and public health.
  • Chief Incentive Officers (CIO) — These execs are charged with driving hospital-wide initiatives to boost quality of care and patient satisfaction.
  •  Chief Knowledge Officers (CKO) — The CKO is charged with turning raw data into knowledge by sharing and applying information. As hospitals try to meet Meaningful Use and convert to ICD-10 coding, the need for a CKO is becoming more and more pressing.
  • Chief Mobility Officers (CMOs) — These execs are in charge of implementing and maintaining a hospital’s mobile strategy. With iPads, iPhones and mobile apps in clinical and patient use,  technologies are evolving so fast that a hospital needs a ‘real time’ health analyst.

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