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Hospital accuses own COO of stealing patient data

A hospital is suing its former COO, alleging that she stole patient records and other private data to share with her new employer.

Frisco Medical Center in Frisco, Texas, filed a suit against Cynthia Bledsoe and her new employer Forest Park Medical Center. The suit alleges that around the time of her resignation, Bledsoe used cloud storage services to upload files owned by the hospital.

The stolen files include training packets, strategic business plans, peer reviews and a file that appears to be protected patient information.

Frisco Medical Center says it discovered the alleged theft after hiring a forensic IT service to examine Bledsoe’s computer a few weeks after she tendered her resignation.

Bledsoe had worked for Frisco for 10 years in various positions. She had been promoted to chief operating officer in September of last year. She accepted a job offer from local competitor Forest Park Medical Center in October, and turned in her resignation on Nov. 1.

Frisco accuses Bledsoe of violating a number of laws, as well as breach of contract, breach of duty and breach of fiduciary duty. Frisco is seeking a restraining order and a permanent injunction against Bledsoe, as well as financial damages, interest and attorney’s fees.

So far, no comment from Bledsoe or Forest Park about the matter.

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