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Horrific abuse of patients — caught on tape


Videos have surfaced of at least 10 severely handicapped women being abused and sexually assaulted — apparently by those employed to protect them. 

The videos were discovered by a man who was given the computer by an acquaintance and asked to wipe the drive clean. He was so disturbed by the videos he turned them over to the police for investigation. He’s not connected with the abuse and has asked to remain anonymous.

There are about 100 hours of footage that show at least eight different men abusing the women, most of whom were bed-bound. The attacks are believed to have taken place between 2007 and 2009 at residential care facilities which are believed to be located in or near Los Angeles. The victims haven’t been identified.

Police believe the attackers are employees of the facilities. But at least one man, who climbed out of a wheelchair and into a victim’s bed, may be a fellow resident.

Police have identified two of the suspects, one of whom is in custody. The police have released composite drawings of several other suspects are asking the public for help identifying them. An image gallery of the suspects is available here.

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