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HHS publishes new HIPAA rules

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced a few changes to HIPAA to bring the law up to date with new technology trends. 

The new HIPAA rule marks the first major changes to the HIPAA privacy and security regulations since they were first enacted.

With more patient data being held in EHRs and other electronic systems, and more technology allowing patient information to be easily shared among providers and other organizations, many of the new regulations focus focus on making sure information isn’t misused and that patients have a say in how their data is shared.

Some of the key changes outlined by the final rule:

  • Patients will able to request a copy of their medical records in electronic form
  • New limits will be imposed on how information can be mined and used for marketing and fundraising purposes and on the sale of health information without the patient’s permission
  • Patients will be able to tell their provider not to share certain information about their treatment with their health plan, and
  • “Business associates” of covered entities are directly reliable for violations of certain HIPAA rules.

The rules go into effect on March 26, and covered entities have until September 22 to get into compliance.

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