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Healthgrades releases its list of best hospitals in America

Another big name in hospital rankings has just put out its annual list of top-performing hospitals in the U.S. Healthgrades released three different rankings for 2019: America’s 50 Best Hospitals, America’s 100 Best Hospitals and America’s 250 Best Hospitals. 

These hospitals are part of the top 1%, 2% and 5% of facilities in the nation, according to the Healthgrades’ America’s Best Hospitals’ website. Healthgrades bases its rankings on quality data contained in millions of Medicare claims records from close to 4,500 hospitals.

Healthgrades rates hospital quality exclusively based on clinical outcomes for 32 of the most common conditions and procedures found in hospitals, which sets it apart from other organizations that measure quality of care. It also measures hospital performance over multiple years, instead of just one year.

America’s 50 Best Hospitals, or the top 1% of performers, earn this distinction by providing excellent care to patients for a variety of conditions and surgeries consistently for many consecutive years. With America’s 100 Best Hospitals, or the top 2% of facilities, hospitals must meet these standards for a few years in a row. America’s 250 Best Hospitals, or the top 5% of performers, provided top-quality care during the current year.

Characteristics of top hospitals

Facilities that made the cut for 2019 performed better than 95% of the hospitals in the country. In fact, if every hospital in the country performed as well as the Healthgrades America’s Best Hospitals honorees, over 168,000 lives could’ve potentially been saved.

Patients treated at America’s Best Hospitals have a 27.1% lower risk of dying, on average, than patients treated elsewhere. When looking at specific life-threatening conditions, patients at these facilities were:

  • 33.2% less likely to die from heart failure
  • 28.3% less likely to die from strokes
  • 26.1% less likely to die from sepsis, and
  • 22.6% less likely to die from heart attacks.

Hospitals that made the cut for the 50 best hospitals in the country include heavy hitters such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood, CA; and several hospitals affiliated with the Mayo Clinic (including Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix and Mayo Clinic Hospital – Saint Mary’s Campus in Rochester, MN). The full list of all 250 outstanding hospitals for 2019 can be found here.

Takeaways for success

While most states had multiple facilities that met Healthgrades’ highest standards, seven states and the District of Columbia had no hospitals that made any of the Best Hospitals lists.

Facilities that didn’t make the cut may want to take a page from the books of the top performers and see if they can borrow any of these hospitals’ proven successful strategies to improve their quality rankings and provide better patient care.

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