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Health reform: We don’t like it, won’t repeal it and don’t understand it

One year after a much-debated health reform law finally was signed by the President, the country remains sharply divided over it.

This month’s Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that 42% of Americans support the law, and 46% are opposed. A year ago, the numbers were 46 %  in favor and 40% opposed — the numbers have changed slightly on both sides in the prior 12 months, but neither “pro” nor “con” had ever gotten above 50%.

Part of the reason the law remains so divisive is that many people still don’t understand what the provisions of the law are. About 53% admit they’re confused about what reform entails.And the groups most likely to benefit from the law — the uninsured and those in lower income households — are most confused. Among them, about60% said they didn’t understand the reform law.

So, if a lot of people don’t like the law, and most don’t understand it, do they want to repeal it? Not really. Only about 21% of respondents favored repealing the law and not returning to the issue, another 18% said they’d like to see the law repealed and replaced by an alternative. The majority, 51% want to either keep the law intact (21%) or expand it further (30%).

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