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Health reform leads to more questions for patients, caregivers

Most of the health care reforms won’t take effect for many years, but doctors and nurses are already seeing changes in the exam room.

Anecdotal reports indicate that patients have a lot of questions about the health reform law. And they’re asking the people they trust most — their current providers.

Doctors are reporting that discussions of the law’s provisions come up in about half of all patient visits, and add an hour or more to their day.

Key problem: Doctors and other clinicians don’t always have answers. And they may be put in a position of having to explain a law with uncertain outcomes that they personally opposed.

Love or hate the reforms, patient confusion and fear isn’t helping anyone. Doctors have also reported that patients are pushing to have treatments done sooner than they are needed because they fear that the procedure won’t be covered or they’ll face a waiting list if they don’t have it done now.

How are you handling health care reform questions at your organization? Share your insight in the comments.

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