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Health reform: Hopes still high, but expectations lower

While the debate around health care reform has ebbed and flowed, one thing has stayed true: The majority of Americans want to see a bill passed. But fewer think they’ll benefit.

The December Kaiser Health Tracking Poll found that 54% of Americans said it’s more important than ever to pass health reform.

But only 35% felt they would personally be better off once a law is in place. That’s down from 42% in November. Another 32% said they would expect to see no change in their personal circumstances once a bill is passed.

One reason so many people are in favor of reform: Most are having problems paying for health care as it is.

One-half of the survey respondents said someone in their household had skipped or delayed care because of cost. And roughly one-third reported that they’re relying on OTC drugs and home remedies instead of doctors’ visits as a way to save money.

To download a PDF of the full survey results, visit the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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  1. Patricia L. Carlson says:

    I think you need to take another survey. Most people I talk with believe they will loose their Healthcare because of the high level of taxes being assessed employer paid healthcare for “cadilac policies”. Taxes that will be put in place 3 to 4 years prior to any bill taking effect and still nothing is being done to reduce insurance rates. How do you reduce insurance rates when you are taxing medical supplies, cadilac policies and other things hidden somewhere in that 2000 page bill. For most of us this will wipe us out. I estimate I already pay 60% in taxes so with another increase in taxes and no reduction in expenses I don’t see how the average person is going to make it. And no one has given any proof that when the bill does go into effect that the tax money we have paid is even going to be there when it is needed; does that mean higher/more taxes. You should be more concerned about how people are going to pay for it than just passing a bill. Passing a bill doesn’t guarantee coverage for anyone. Especially if our government is broke.

  2. I’ve never seen a bigger debacle in my life and none of the polling (indicating that people actually want reform) makes any sense. Your own poll results indicate that 54% of people still think the passing of this bill is more important than ever, but only 35% think that they’ll be better off and 32% think they’ll be no change to them personally. So one can deduct that the majority of people feel that Healthcare reform will either have zero impact on them or make things worse for them. (Yet the media and this Administration still want to jam this thing through?)

    It’s obvious that people want cost reform (real reform) but not the politicized “spread the wealth” reform that’s flying through Congress. Tort reform (litigation is the main driver of rising healthcare in America) and allowing the purchasing of insurance across state lines would have resolved the entire cost issue. Higher tax breaks for insuring those with pre-existing conditions would expand coverage.

    This whole process has been disgraceful and it’s quite disturbing how an absolutely compliant media coupled with a Marxist President and Socialist Congress could get this far with this legislative piece of garbage that’s still being manipulated behind the scenes with zero regard for the opinion of the majority of Americans.

    The average healthcare costs per person (for those that have insurance) in America is 6% of gross income, while housing costs per person (because everyone deserves a big house with a pool and a 3 car garage) is roughly 40% of gross income, but healthcare is the real crisis???? Presently, 80% of those that have healthcare insurance are fully satisfied with their coverage and the Doctor/patient relationship, but Obama knows better.

    Of the “supposed” 45 Million that are uninsured in this country, 10-15 Million are illegal immigrants, 15MM are young healthy people right out of college who voluntarily opt out of their Company Insurance programs and 10MM are small business owners making over 75 Million a year who choose not to purchase healthcare insurance. So the true uninsured in America are roughly 10MM (3% of the population) yet Obama must revamp the entire healthcare System????

    It would be a joke if it wasn’t so sad.

  3. Carol Katarsky says:

    Just to clarify: This poll was not conducted by Health Exec News, it’s a monthly poll done by the Kaiser Family Foundation (which is linked to in the post.)