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Health-pros-only social network offers HIPAA-compliant communication

There’s a new tool available for doctors who want to reap the benefits of social networking but avoid many of the security and privacy concerns.

As recent surveys show, most doctors are using social networking sites for professional purposes. Those sites let physicians learn from their peers and get advice on patient and practice management challenges.

However, doctors are also worried about security and privacy on popular social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn — sharing the wrong information online can lead to HIPAA violations and other problems.

One way doctors are getting around those issues is using specialty social networks designed specifically for medical professionals.

For example, more than 30,000 doctors have signed up for the Doximity network since it launched earlier this year. That’s twice the number of physicians on LinkedIn, according to Doximity.

The site serves as HIPAA-secure communication platform for doctors, allowing them to share information with their peers.

The network is only open to medical professionals, such as physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, and Doximity verifies all credentials and requires users to sign up with their real names. The general public can’t access any information on the site, so healthcare pros can have private peer-to-peer conversations.

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