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Health-pros-only social media site takes off

Physicians who want the benefits of social networking without the concerns of accidental over-sharing that can lead to HIPAA violations seem to have found at least one solution.

So far, more than 30,000 doctors have signed up for the Doximity network since its launch seven months ago — that’s twice the number of physicians on LinkedIn, according to Doximity.

The services is a HIPAA-secure communication platform for doctors that lets them connect and collaborate with their professional peers.
Unlike other popular social media sites, Doximity membership is reserved for medical professionals, such as  physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Members sign up with their real names and verified credentials. The general public can’t access any information on the site, so health care pros can have true — and private — peer-to-peer communication.

Click here for more information on HIPAA.

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