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Health pros’ latest job: Customer service manager

With more emphasis on patient satisfaction, health care providers have to worry about customer service almost as much as they do medical procedures. Is that effort paying off? New research indicates yes.

Overall, measures of factors, such as wait time and one-on-one time with doctors, show that most patients are satisfied with the care they receive.

A recent study looked at doctor rankings at The data, from nearly 15,000 patients, ranked six years worth of their doctor visits. Doctors were ranked on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the highest rating.

The verdict: Health care pros are doing a good job of leaving patients satisfied.

The average overall satisfaction rating was an excellent 9.28. About 85% of ratings were a 9 or higher. Less than 2% of ratings were below a 1.

That may seem at odds with common public perception that a doctor’s appointment is little more than a date with frustration. The researchers said that perception is driven mainly by things that are out of doctors’ hands, such as opaque insurance company policies, and bad-news headlines. But most patients realize that their doctors are doing a good job of taking care of them.

The study appeared in Health Outcomes Research and Medicine.

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