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Health IT will drive job growth through 2020, BLS says

A recent government report predicts a mixed bag for the future growth of IT jobs in the U.S. Most of the good news will come from health IT expansion. 

The number of employees holding IT jobs is expected to increase 22% by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent Occupation Outlook HandbookSome observers have cited that figure as bad news, saying that rate of growth will mean there are fewer IT jobs than job seekers by that point.

Of course, certain job seekers will be more in luck than others — some types of jobs will increase by higher rates, while others grow more slowly, the report says.

And the areas that increase the most will do so in part because of demand driven by the growth of health IT.

For example, more IT managers and technical support professionals will be needed over the next several years because healthcare organizations will be using more technology, BLS says.

Strong growth is also predicted for database administrators and software developers.

On the other hand, BLS officials predict that offshoring will hurt the growth in some areas, particularly programmer jobs.

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