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Health IT pros are in high demand

While many segments of the job market have struggled lately, hiring is picking up in healthcare IT.

Healthcare reform legislation, including the push to get doctors’ offices and hospitals to adopt electronic health record (EHR) systems, is creating a big demand for IT professionals in the healthcare industry, according to a recent report by research organization Input.

New job opportunities are being created not just to help healthcare providers implement and maintain EHR systems, but also for EHR vendors to meet increased demand and federal and state government agencies to manage incentive programs. The opportunities created by healthcare reform are “seemingly endless,” according to Input’s report.

While that’s great news for IT professionals looking for new job opportunities, it can create difficulties for healthcare organizations that need to recruit and retain IT talent.

To avoid problems cause by increased competition for IT talent, experts recommend IT departments:

  1. Review salaries to make sure they’re still in line with market data
  2. Talk with management to plan salary budgets for next year, and
  3. Consider boosting retention efforts to grab top talent now before competitors do.

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