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Grandpa-on-grandpa crime: Nursing home sees wave of violence

Yet another nursing home resident is accused of killing a fellow patient — this time over a pot roast.

Andres Cardona, a 72-year-old dementia patient at Columbus Park Nursing & Rehabilitation Center near Chicago, saw a plate of pot roast in a neighboring room,  and decided to help himself.

Unfortunately, the room’s occupant was 62-year-old Ardyce Nauden, who’d done prison time and had been previously classified as a “psychotic felon.” Nauden wasted no time defending his turf, beating Cardona with punches to the head. Cardona subsequently died from his injuries.

Nauden now faces first-degree murder charges.

According to the local press, this was merely the worst case of several recent violent incidents at Columbus Park.

Geriatric care facilities face a heavy burden providing day-to-day care for patients and residents. When dementia sufferers are placed in close proximity to other patients, tensions can quickly escalate from the mundane to murder. There’s no question that facilities have to make trade-offs between security and freedom — but few would advocate a lockdown-style facility for the most vulnerable patients.

What’s the balance between providing good care and good security? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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