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Goosing the nurse: Not recommended as an expression of gratitude


Some nurses get fancy chocolates from grateful patients. This one got goosed.

Joseph Wolf, a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, faces indecent assault, harassment and disorderly conduct charges after he twice grabbed the posterior of the emergency room nurse tending to him.

Wolf was in the ER claiming he had been assaulted. Witnesses said he repeatedly demanded pain medication and used vulgar language with the staff.

Finally, when the nurse told him no pain meds were being ordered for him, he grabbed her buttock and said “Well, you’re a nurse, right?” After police were called, Wolf told them he was just trying to thank the nurse for her administrations — and compared it to any other friendly greeting, adding, “In Europe, they kiss.”

Wolf was arrested and held in lieu of $8,500 bail.

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