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Gastric bypass leads to weight loss for entire family

Gastric bypass surgery — and the improved health habits that generally come with it — benefit not just the patient receiving it, but their entire family. 

A new study found that spouses, children and other relatives of patients who opted for the surgery had significant improvements in their own weight, nutrition, activity levels and other areas.

Researchers included the families of 35 surgical patients and included them in counseling sessions regarding nutrition, exercise and related issues.

A year after the surgery, the patients themselves lost an average of 100 pounds and reduced their BMIs from 48.7 to 33.3. Their spouses and other adult family members lost an average of 10 pounds and reduced their BMIs from 38 to 36.3. Patients’ children who were overweight lost several inches from their waists. Their BMIs showed improvement, although the exact numbers didn’t change much since the kids were still growing.

Family members also reported they were spending less time watching TV, exercising more and had reduced their alcohol consumption by nearly 90%.

The study was published in the Archives of Surgery.

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