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Fake doctor pleads guilty to theft, illegal drug charges

Kurt Walter Donsbach, of Bonita, California, pleaded guilty to 13 felony counts related to his non-licensed medical practice. Donsbach is expected to face 5 years of probation after he pleaded guilty to multiple counts of unlawfully practicing medicine without a license, unlawfully selling or delivering misbranded drugs with intent to defraud or mislead and attempted grand theft.

According to prosecutors, Donsbach called himself a chiropractor and a naturopathic doctor. He advertised alternative, natural and nutritional remedies for conditions like cancer and arthritis, both online and in print. He also offered medical advice and information on a radio show.

Donsbach allegedly prescribed drugs that weren’t approved for use in the U.S. At least one patient claims adverse effects from his treatments, stating that she developed osteoporosis after taking his drug regimen for six months.

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