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Everything from dust to bone residue cited in hospital’s health inspection

An inspection triggered by a former employee’s complaint led to several citations of one hospital system’s infection control and cleaning procedures.

University of Missouri Health Care was flagged for several violations, including:

  • A thick layer of dust on an anesthesia cart and video equipment. When wiped down the dust fell onto the surgical table.
  • Dirt, food particles and other matter caked into the corners and floor grout in the kitchen.
  • Sterile devices and other supplies that expired several years ago.
  • Three out of three “sterile” trays that were inspected on one day had instruments that contained cement and/or bone residue.
  • A technician was observed washing dirty surgical instruments, and then opening a door and answering the phone while still wearing his wet gloves.

The hospital has taken steps to correct the issues and is waiting for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to reinspect. It was told it didn’t have to file a corrective action plan, as is usually the case.

Ironically, CMS said the charges in the original complaint from the former employee were unsubstantiated. The citations above are unrelated, but stem from inspectors’ observations while they were investigating the other allegations.

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