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Hospitals ranked by employee satisfaction: Why certain facilities stand out

For a hospital to be high-performing, it must employ good workers who are engaged in the hospital’s mission and goals. But competent staff can be tough to find and retain. Although many facilities have placed effort into improving patient satisfaction, looking at employee satisfaction isn’t as common. However, it’s essential to attracting good people. 

To spotlight hospitals that are doing it right with employee satisfaction, job-search website Indeed looked at 15 million reviews posted by staff at facilities across the country.

According to a blog post, it used this information to come up with a list of the best hospitals to work for in 2017, as rated by their own employees.

Staff’s top picks

First on the list was Massachusetts General Hospital. Not only did this hospital top the overall list, it also ranked No. 1 for having the best management, and the best work/life balance – which is critical to keeping clinical staff from experiencing burnout.

Staff at Massachusetts General raved about working with positive and upbeat co-workers who were willing to share their time and expertise at all levels. Although pay wasn’t the highest, staff gave high marks to the diversity, benefits and opportunities for advancement at the hospital.

Second on the overall list was Baptist Health South Florida. The facility also ranked second for work/life balance among its employees. In their reviews, staff praised management, saying leaders provided them with all the tools needed for success with patient care – including guidance and open minds.

Additionally, reviews highlighted the cultural diversity among workers, along with the various personalities that make the facility “an interesting place to learn.”

Rounding out the top 10 on Indeed’s overall “best hospitals to work for” list are Houston Methodist (TX), Montefiore Medical Center (NY), Texas Children’s Hospital, Yale New Haven Health (CT), Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (GA), Florida Hospital, Michigan Medicine and Stanford Health Care (CA).

Like Massachusetts General and Baptist Health South Florida, the other hospitals that standout offer excellent environments for workers. Workers highlighted some of the general benefits they received from their employers, including tuition reimbursement, bonuses and salaries. However, having a positive culture focused on growth and learning was by far what employees liked most.

At many of the top hospitals, workers said they felt like they were part of a family. Staff were committed to working together to improve the quality of patient care and patients’ well-being. That dedication created bonds across employees of all levels at each hospital – and this made staff happy to come to work every day.

Takeaways for hospitals

With this in mind, healthcare executives need to take a hard look at the culture of their facilities. If it’s one that’s focused more on blame and punishment instead of learning and communicating, employees are likely to be disengaged. Ultimately, leaders need to promote a positive culture where staff feel valued. That’s the best way to attract and retain high-quality employees who are committed to improving patient care.

Executives should also consider ways to improve work/life balance at their hospitals, whether it’s through restructuring shifts, minimizing overtime hours or offering staff on-site resources to fight burnout (like visits from animals or meditation classes).

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