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Electronic clinical summaries help doctors improve care

One feature in many electronic health record systems are decision support tools that give doctors information to help them make a diagnosis or choose a treatment. However, those tools must be designed in a way that makes them valuable and easy doctors for to use.

According to a study published recently by BMC Pediatrics, clinical decision support tools are effective when they offer summarized and synthesized information.

Researchers developed short, one-page summary sheets that incorporated information from various studies in the area of respiratory child health. The team gave 83 pediatricians access to those summaries and surveyed them later.

The response was highly positive, with 93% of doctors saying they found the tools useful, and 83% saying the layout of the summaries made it easy to find critical information. According to researchers, those results show those clinical summaries are helpful to doctors because they provide a lot of information that is still easy to digest at the point of care.

That’s something healthcare organizations can keep in mind when deciding what tech tools to implement.

For more information, download the study here.

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