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EHR adoption growing… slowly

Adoption of electronic health records is expanding — but don’t expect to say goodbye to paper just yet.

The latest research shows 70% of hospitals expect to meet the first stage meaningful use requirements set out by federal guidelines. But 78% still expect to keep using paper records for as long as another five years.

That’s the takeway from a recent survey by Iron Mountain. The survey asked 200 health information professionals about their use of, and plans for, paper patient records. Other findings of the survey are:

  • 49% of hospitals say they’ve scanned what they need within their budget, while 23% report they’re within budget but still have a backlog of records to scan
  • 54% are scanning records at on-site records rooms, while 29% use a centralized scanning location
  • 72% rely on full-time employees to scan compared to just 9% who outsource to third parties and 6% who use part-time staff
  • 44% of hospitals aren’t explicitly measuring the effectiveness or productivity of their scanning process;
  • 58% will shred their paper records after scanning is finished, while 38% plan to store the paper in their on-site records room or in an off-site facility.

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