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East vs. West Medicine [Infographic]

east vs. west medicineThe main concern for healthcare executives and care providers all over the world has always been the quality of patient care, and that is still true today. Depending on location, however, the methods used to provide that quality care can vary quite a bit. While the methods of Western medicine concentrate on a scientific and technology-based approach to testing and diagnosis with an emphasis on medications for symptom relief, Eastern medicine takes a different, more holistic approach, using herbal remedies and acupuncture to relieve patients of their symptoms.

There is no doubt that the practices of Western medicine have saved countless lives and continue to help patients recover from chronic ailments and life-threatening diseases, but there are other methods out there – like those in the East – that have also worked well for thousands of years. Perhaps health executives and physicians in the West can integrate the methods of care in the East and offer new alternatives to improve their patients’ lives.

To show the contrast between Eastern and Western medicine, HealthExecNews has created an infographic highlighting the two sides’ origins, approaches, and procedures.

Common ailments that plague patients with chronic aches and pains like arthritis, muscle strains, and even allergies are often treated with prescribed or over-the-counter medication in the West. However, there may be advantages to integrating the approaches of Eastern medicine as an alternative form of treatment, such as the use of acupuncture, to relieve pain in possibly a shorter amount of time.

Using Eastern medicinal practices as an alternative or add-on to traditional Western medicine is something health executives may want to consider for preventative care, less reliance on medication, and possibly even fewer follow-up appointments per patient.

View the infographic for a complete and in-depth look at East vs. West Medicine.

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