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Doctors stage a rally against hospital CEO

Trouble’s afoot at Knapp Medical Center in Weslaco, Texas: Doctors and other staff staged a public protest outside the hospital, calling for the ouster of CEO James Summersett.

The 200+ bed non-profit hospital has a history of less-than-stellar relations with its medical staff for the past few years. The conflicts have centered on whether Summersett should have to release financial reports, tax returns and other internal documents.The issue is currently the subject of an on-going lawsuit.

Summersett has also been accused of strong-arming the Board of Directors and kicking off people who asked too many questions regarding his actions.

Relations hit a boiling point recently when the contracts for the hospital’s emergency room doctors weren’t renewed. The ED is now being staffed with doctors outsourced from outside the immediate area.

Recently, doctors, nurses, other staff and members of the local community staged a rally complete with protest signs (“Summersett we regret”) and 60’s-style chants of “CEO’s got to go.”

Summersett didn’t release a statement, but the hospital Board of Directors did, noting the technological improvements Knapp has made, new services its offering and reiterating its mission of providing the highest quality healthcare to the community. It didn’t mention the outsourcing of the ER staffing or address the protesters’ other complaints.

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