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Doctor aborts wrong twin, blames bad ultrasound

A Florida doctor who “thought” he could safely perform a selective abortion has lost his license to practice.

In 2006, Matthew Kachinas, a Sarasota-based OB/GYN, was treating a patient 16 weeks pregnant with twins. The patient was carrying a healthy female, and a male with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect. The patient requested a selective abortion of the male fetus.

Kachinas hadn’t performed the procedure before, but later testified he “didn’t like to say ‘no’ to patients,” and believed he could do the procedure safely even though he had never attempted it before.

After the procedure was completed, it was discovered that the healthy female fetus had been aborted. The patient later went back to Kachinas to have the male aborted as well.

The patient received $250k from Kachinas’ liability insurance for the wrongful termination.

He later said that malfunctioning ultrasound equipment led to his error.

Last week, Kachinas was stripped of his medical license by the state board of medicine.

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